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Is my address covered by the Giraffe network?

You may check it out using our coverage map. If you do not find coverage at the required address, please fill out the feedback form and we will contact you as soon as your address is within the network coverage area.

I cannot connect to the Giraffe network.

Main reasons why you cannot connect to the Internet are:
1.    Incorrect Login or Password:
-    Try entering them again; you might have entered them incorrectly
2.    Your browser has proxy settings configured:
-    Turn off proxy server settings 
3.    Low level of signal:
-    Try connecting close to the window or outside (for coverage availability please check the website at

How do I connect to the Giraffe network?

To connect to the WiMAX service by Giraffe, you need to make 4 simple steps:
1. Check coverage availability
To do this, please enter your address – street name and number – in the search line and click on “check coverage”. In response, you will see if the WiMAX network is available for your particular building.   
2. Choose your tariff plan
Choose the tariff plan suitable for you. You may do it on your own or with the help of our online Consultant choosing from the offered tariff plans.  
3. Choose equipment
Choose the equipment that is most suitable for you:
1. For those who move a lot in the city within the coverage area of WiMAX from Giraffe, we suggest using a portable modem, which suits best this manner of use.
2. For those who prefer to use Internet at home, we offer two types of equipment:
• Stationary modem, which can be moved within an apartment or an office;
• Outdoor modem, which has the best signal receipt characteristics out of all the equipment listed above. The modem is mounted on the outside wall of the building or the office.  
4. File a connection request
This can be done right now by filling out the order form for connection or at any point of sale of WiMAX from Giraffe.
Please also read the Rules of Use of Telecommunication Services.  

Can Giraffe devices be used in other operators’ networks?

Operation of branded Giraffe devices in other operators’ networks depends on many factors, primarily the operator’s security policy, the device connection and activation procedure, and the configuration of the device itself. Intellecom does not guarantee operation and does not accept any claims regarding the operation in other WiMAX networks of any certified Intellecom devices purchased from Giraffe.

Should the USB modem be disconnected using the "Safely Remove Hardware" function (in the way this is usually done with USB devices)?

The modem MAY be disconnected immediately without using the “Safely Remove Hardware” function:
• when trying to connect to the network;
• in the state of “network search”, “connecting” and “modem not found”;
• in any other static states.
The modem MAY NOT be disconnected:
• during software installation or removal;
• when the system is detecting (looking for) newly connected devices;
• when the system installs or updates the device driver;
• during software update.

How to pay?

Payment for Giraffe services is based on the principle of prepayment, thus, the account balance needs to be toped up before the beginning of the following month. You may choose any method convenient for you to put money into your account (see "Where to pay").

How much should I pay per month?

In the end of the calendar month, there should be enough money on your personal account to cover the monthly fee for the following month as per your chosen tariff plan. The monthly fee is charged automatically at 00:00 on the first day of every month. If the amount available on your account at the moment of charging is less than the required amount of the monthly fee, the service may be suspended until the account credit is replenished to the amount sufficient to pay the monthly fee.  

Where can I check my balance?

You can see your current balance in your Web Self-care.

If I have no money and no Internet, how can I see my balance in my Web Self-care?

You will have access to the website and your Web Self-care even is there is no money on your account. You will be able to take all required actions to resume the service.

How do I understand how much money is left on my account after the monthly fee is charged?

After the monthly fee is charged, the remaining balance will stay on your account, and you will be able to see it in your Personal Account Manager and use for payments in the following months.

What happens if I do not manage to pay the monthly fee?

If in the end of the prepaid period there is no money on your account to pay the monthly fee for the full month, your Internet access (except for access to the Giraffe website) will be discontinued. You may make payment any time, after which the connection will be resumed automatically.

May I make a prepayment for several months in advance?

 Yes, you may pay for several months in advance.