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Payments by instalment from PrivatBank

Good news for PrivatBank credit card holders: now you can buy Giraffe modem and pay by installments. 
To purchase a modem and connect please contact Giraffe sales manager or dealer in your region.
Possible credit period - from 6 to 24 months.
The cost of credit funds - only 2.99% per month, interest accrued from the beginning of the 7th month of the loan. That is, if you are within 6 months prematurely close the loan, the interest will not be billed.
Additionally, you will need to pay a monthly 1% (0.99% - monthly insurance and 0.01% monthly interest rate)
Simultaneously, a customer can get up to three credits.
If you are not satisfy quality of service can return the modem and close the loan agreement with PrivatBank within 14 days of your purchase modem. Attention! If you want to return the modem after 14 days of purchase, we will not take it back.
Use now, pay later!