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Giraffe celebrates two holidays!

Dear colleagues, partners, clients and friends!

The 17th of May is a special day for our company for two reasons. 

First, together with the global community, we celebrate the "International Day of telecommunications" or, as it is officially called since 2007 - World Information Society Day.

Secondly, exactly two years ago, our company launched a WiMAX network in Kyiv. Since then, our company has seen many events - the brand has changed, Giraffe WiMAX network has grown considerably (today - 11 cities of presence in Ukraine), much has changed within the organization as well. And it must be said - continues to change: every day we are improving the business processes of sales and customer service, every day we are looking for new, more favorable to us (and accordingly - for  customers) suppliers and partners, and we are constantly expanding network, offering Ukrainian towns and villages the latest data transfer technology.

Current year is another year of development of the network for us. Thus, going back to today's industry-holiday - from a social point of view, we are (along with other Internet service providers) an active participant in building the Informational society. After all, we provide high speed internet access in places where it did not exist, and where is would never appeared - in places "inconvenient" for the traditional (wireline) forms of communication.

On this day, we would like to wish to our customers - to enjoy more affordable, high quality and useful services, using them for self-development and life comfort. And to our colleagues and ourselves - operators - not to stop there, because much remains to be done to catch up with at least the nearest neighbors in terms of information society development. And we believe it is real.

Happy holiday!

Giraffe Team