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Giraffe WiMAX network performance optimization

To optimize network performance and improve the quality of service for our users we introduce customers’ access profiles to the WiMAX network. Profiles with low access priority will be used only for Customers in certain tariff plans which download or upload big volume of data.

Optimization implies that such subscribers will have low access priority to the network for some time if compared to normal users. In case of base stations being overloaded such subscribers can be limited for certain time to the speed of 1 Mbps for download and 256 Kbps for upload.

If the customer stops transferring huge volume of data his access priority level will be back to normal.

More information about the criteria for implementation of access profiles please, see "Tariff Rules" on our website, or call 24X7: 0-800-6060-80 (free from fixed phones) and 044-503-7272 (according to your operator's rates).