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Giraffe presents new tariff plan with included traffic - "Dime". For 90 UAH you get 10 gigabytes of traffic without speedlimitation.

Konstiantyn Kolesov, acting CEO: "Tariff plan with included traffic is designed for customers who prefer to control and pay only the trafficwhich they have used. Included traffic volume is quite big – it’s almost average volume of transferred data foran "unlimited" subscriber in our network. Even if the customer uses it, he will receive service on profitable charging per megabyte - less than 1 kopeck per megabyte."

Tariff plan "Dime" is available both for contract and prepaid subscribtion base. 

After the included traffic is out "contract"clients can continue using the service and will be charged per extra-megabyte at the rate 0.6 kopecks per 1 MB. In there is no money on account, contract subscriber will be granted a credit limit of 10 Gb which he will pay after wards.

For "prepaid" clients form the rate of extra-tarffic is the same (0.6 kopecks per 1 MB), but the service will be available only in case of positive account balance.

Check whether your street is in Giraffe coverage on our “Coverage” page. If you want to connect to Internet at the point which is not indicated on the coverage map - please contact our sales managers, and they offer you a solution.