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Modem for the price of coffee

Giraffe makes 4G WiMAX more accessible and implements modems rental scheme for any type of modem and connection

We introduce simple and accessible to all systems of modems usage. 

Now if you want to try WiMAX technology, but not sure how long you will use wireless Internet from Intellecom, you can take any type of modem for a renting scheme. 
The cost of renting is affordable to all: 15 UAH monthly for portable USB modem. Rental of indoor stationary modem with WiFi module will be only 25 UAH per month, and the cost of renting an outdoor modem that provides the best signal reception is 65 UAH per month. 

Taras Kucheriavyi, Marketing Director: «One of the values of our company -”customer satisfaction”. Introduction of a new system of connection to WiMAX is not just meeting requests of our customers - we make new technology available to almost anyone who wants to use high-speed wireless Internet. The cost of using a modem for a month almost equal to the price you pay for a cup of coffee at the cafe. In addition, you have 1 free day to test the speed of WiMAX and ensure your choice”.

About Giraffe

Giraffe - brand company "Intelligent Communications". The company offers Internet access services for private clients and solutions of any complexity - for business customers.

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