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We are a team of experienced professionals in telecommunications field with a new and bright name.

Giraffe is a new vision of how telecom services should be provided: Giraffe offers necessary services for your home needs or needs of your business from one provider.

We use our own wireless access network to provide the Internet access. This network is available in 24 cities of Ukraine and through our partners’ network. We cooperate with more than 30 telecom operators to deliver you the solution of any level of complexity regardless of technology or type of data channel. 

Also, we provide services for various business requirements of our customers: In addition to the Internet access at the guaranteed speed, our services will include the list of additional services which will be expanded in future.

We cooperate with international and national data channels operators.

Giraffe has a long neck, that’s why it can reach where nobody else can reach.

Giraffe is your new friend and partner. 

Best regards,

Marketing Director

Taras Kucheriavyi

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(044) 503 7272