Internet & Solutions

Free day to test the possibilities of WiMAX!

From now on, when you connect with or without signing the contract you have the opportunity to test the quality of Internet from Giraffe - for 1 day free of charge. Download files, listen to the radio, watch videos and surf any sites.

To begin testing you will need to purchase start package that includes a modem and an activation card (in case of no-contract), connect the device to your computer, activate your login and verify quality of the internet wherever you need - for example, at home or at work or in your favorite café. Within one day you will be able to evaluate the possibility of WiMAX high-speed wireless technology. For further access to the Internet you will need to top-up your account according to subscription fee established for the chosen tariff.

By default, tariff "Active" (speed up to 3 Mb/sec) is set. If you want to change the rate and test the speed in another profile - for example, "Maximum" or "Home", you can dop it free of charge within the trial day. Just call our Contact Center 0800 6060 80 or 044 503 7272.

If you decide to change the tariff any other day, the cost of migration to tariff with higher speed will be free of charge. Migration to tariff with lower speed will cost 20UAH (VAT included).