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Year 2016 with NO monthly fee!!!

Subscribe to any tariff (with purchase of a modem at full price or lease) and provide your details (name and current mobile number) in Web-Self Careand get a chance to jump in 2016 year – with monkey and no monthly fee!

Announcement of winners who will spend the next year paying no fee will be held twice – on 15thand 31stof  December 2015. - for those who connected to Giraffe Internet access services since 01.12.2015r.

Also on December 25th 2015. We will determine the winner among existing WiMAX Internet access clients.

All winners will be determined with the help of service.

Follow the draw results on our website, maybe you will be one of the winners!


Celebrate holidays in good mood and connect to Giraffe!


To get the full terms of the promo – please contact out Call Center.