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Change of tariffs for selected existing clients of WiMAX service

Dear subscribers!

Thank you for being loyal and using our services for several years.

Please be aware of changes in monthly fees in some tariff plans of existing customers of WiMAX Internet access services starting from 1st of October, 2015.

These changes relate to the old tariff plan subscribers, the monthly cost of which has not undergone changes up to this day. These subscribers have already received SMS-messages regarding changes about the value of their new fee.

To learn more info about your new monthly fee – please call our Contact Center:

0800 60 60 80

(Calls within Ukraine – freeof charge)

044 503 72 72

096 601 60 80 Kyivstar

066 711 60 80 MTS

093 655 60 60 Life :)

(Calls are charged according to the tariffs of your operator)

We're doing our best to keep the service available to most of our clients – you can still connect to our service with rent-the-modem scheme.

We also retain the avaliability of unlimited traffic tariff plans.



Giraffe Team