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Giraffe is taking part in Ukrainian Telecoms Forum 2015

Andrii Droniuk, Acting General Director, Giraffe - Intellectual Communications LLC (WiMAX Forum member), will speak at the event about the prospects of LTE development in Ukraine.

Key topics:

  • How to raise levels of ARPU when the market has been saturated and stagnant for some time?
  • Can we anticipate a period of M&A consolidation in the Ukrainian telecom-media industry?
  • Will the telecom operators intensify their multi-play offerings?
  • Strategies to address the entire communication, connectivity and digital entertainment needs of the market
  • Means to encourage interconnectivity in order to stimulate growth and revenues
  • Portability of numbers as a key means to increase competition
  • The outlook for spectrum harmonization, technological neutrality, and refarming

With the 3G roll-out underway and against a new wave of modernization and investment, Ukrainian Telecoms Forum promises to be a timely and productive gathering of the Ukrainian and international telecoms communities.