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Changes in current WiMAX users tariffs

Dear subscribers! 
We inform you of changes in the value of the monthly fee for existing customers of WiMAX Internet access service starting from 1st of August, 2014.
Changes would not be very significant - in general, depending on the tariff increase will be 10% or less. 
Please, call now our Contact Centre to get more details on your tariff changes: 
0800 60 60 80 
(Calls from Ukraine - free) 
044 503 72 72 
096 601 60 80 Kyivstar 
066 711 60 80 MTS 
093 655 60 60 Life :) 
(Calls are charged according to the tariffs of your operator) 
Please take these changes with understanding - they are caused by increased cost of user equipement from our suppliers and increased operating costs to support performance of WiMAX network.
On the other hand, we do our best to make high-speed wireless Internet access more affordable to more people - now when connected you can either pay the full cost of equipment or rent it. 
Also, we maintain the possibility to connect to unlimited traffic tariff plans. 
Giraffe Team