Internet & Solutions

Giraffe makes Internet more affordable!

If you are still in decision whether it’s worth trying an unlimited wireless Internet from Giraffe - it is worth connecting today!

Since July 1st  those who are not able to buy the modem at full price or want to use the Internet for a while, for example, only during the summer - Giraffe offers rent of modems from 90 UAH per month:

  • Indoor modem with W-Fi - 90 UAH/month.
  • Outdoor modem with enhanced antenna for better signal reception - 100 UAH/month.

When you connect you will also need to pay a one-time cost of connection to Internet - 100 UAH.

Also, from July 1st, Giraffe offers updated tariffs - choose the one that suits your needs and capabilities:

• For those who rarely use Internet - 5Gb traffic for 75 UAH/month;

• For 140 UAH/month, you can choose either 10Gb traffic at maximum speed or unlimited traffic at speed up to 1 Mbit/sec – in tariff "Home"

• For 200 UAH/month, you can choose either 50Gb traffic at maximum speed or unlimited traffic at speed up to 3 Mbit / s - in tariff "Active".

We also remind about avaliability both for private and business clients to connect to premium tariffs with greater opportunities - "Business Activite" and "Business Maximum".