Internet & Solutions

How to connect

1. Check coverage availability
To do this, please enter your address – street name and number – in the search line and click on “check coverage”. In response, you will see if the WiMAX service is available for your particular address. You can order testing different modems at home. The cost of testing - 100 UAH.

2. Choose your tariff plan
Choose the tariff plan suitable for you.

3. Choose equipment
Choose the equipment that is most suitable for you:

Stationary modem, which can be moved within an apartment or an office.

Outdoor modem, which has the best signal receipt characteristics out of all the equipment listed above. The modem is attached to the outside wall of the building or the office.

4. Submit an order for connection
This can be done right now by filling out the order form for connection or at any point of sale of WiMAX from Giraffe. Delivery costs 100 UAH.

We recommend to read the Terms of Telecommunications Service by Intellecom LLC.

5. Install equipment in accordance with the instructions and pay for the service.